Lodolite Feldspar included clear quartz tower HD9

$40.50 $45.00

This measures approx 53 x 44 x 32mm

Smoky Quartz has been powerfully compressed into a Feldspar matrix. Feldspar helps you to be grounded and balanced in physical incarnation and Smoky Quartz purifies your energies and opens your metaphysical abilities. The combination cleanses and opens all the chakras. This stone keeps you grounded in the here and now while you explore past lives and multi-dimensions. Its gentle, protective energy has been described as ‘an angel stroking my hair’. Extremely useful if you want to travel unseen through the lower shamanic realms, it gives you the stealth of a cat and helps to conceal your true objectives, cloaking your activities at every level. However, it must be used with “integrity or will backfire. It helps you find a more creative way to approach your goals.

Graphic Smoky Quartz instils infinite peace during physical or emotional trauma. Helpful for overcoming tragedy, it offers insight into group experiences. It helps to overcome low self esteem, inducing self confidence and emotional stability. It is useful if you need to learn to trust people again as to helps you to lower your psychological barriers. With a fizzy, invigorating effect on the body, it infuses dynamic energy and a feeling of well-being. Said to have been used to find lost objects.”

Information from Crystal Bible by Judy Hall

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