Rare Brazilian grey lithium quartz release negativity L18b

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approx 67 x 39 x 35mm

Key words : Inner peace, awakening to the Higher Self, release from negative attachments, aura healing, harmonizing relationships, freedom from stress

Chakra : all

Lithium included quartz is a heart healing stone which works by alleviating stress, calming frayed nerves, and allowing one to relax. This stone is excellent for children to use at the end of their day in order to become calm and centered before Dreamtime. Lithium quartz is also useful in helping one to release attachment to a desired outcome.

Surrender is one of the keys to self liberation, and lithium quartz crystal seem to facilitate the state of energetic activation and emotional openness necessary for a profound release from the attachment that bind the self. Lithium included quartz facilitates meditation by calming the mind and opening the heart. It encourages one to be present and to release distracting thoughts. It assists one in releasing attachment to specific outcome and surrendering to the divine

These are excerpts from The Book of stones
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