Clear quartz candle quartz master healer with crystal info card C10C

$23.40 $26.00

Candle quartz - this is not self-standing

Approx 88mm

A light-bringer for the planet and those assisting the earth to change vibration, Candle Quartz brings your guardian angel closer. Meditating with this stone highlights your soul purpose and focuses your life path towards service. Enhancing intuition, is a scrying stone for the planet or personal illumination. A stone of spiritual alchemy, a large Candle Quartz attracts abundance and is helpful when working in a group as it radiates love to and on behalf of the group, creating group harmony. It helps in putting ancient knowledge into practice, and brings totems and power allies closer, it brings healing to a hurt child within and assists in incarnating more fully within an aura of unconditional love heals the ancestral line and karmic inheritance

The Crystal Bible
Judy Hall

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