63mm Howlite Tower Calming Self Love Sphere with crystal info card F78P

$46.75 $55.00

Howlite sphere approx 63mm

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Chakra: Root

Element: Earth


Howlite is a calming stone that can bring stillness to a mind that is overactive. It opens the mind to spiritual dimensions and prepares the mind to receive wisdom and insights. It assists in journeys to past lives, non physical transport, and opening the memories of other lives and the “between:life” state in the spiritual dimensions. It teaches patience and removes rage and anger and encourages the self to overcome selfishness, and self criticalness.

Perfect for kids room and living room

The sphere as a shape is an ancient and universal symbol that represents unity, completeness, infinity - the whole universe. Crystal spheres are often used to increase self awareness and a powerful mind. Closely connected to the spiritual nature of our complete self, crystal spheres help to bring out integrity, clear thinking, and a better union of body, mind and spirit.

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