Golden Healer Hematoid quartz Dow tower B51B with crystal info card

$32.40 $36.00

This is approx 59 x 47 x 34mm

Golden Healer Quartz has a combination of the balancing properties of quartz and the grounding, stabilizing energy of hematite. This allows one to balance the mind, body and spirit, while being clarity to our emotions and thoughts. It is a highly energetic stone that can remove negativity from life, as well as aid in transforming the energies around one into that of love and light.

DOW CRYSTALS (or Trans/Channeler Crystals) have three 7-sided faces with a triangular face between each one. They have the capabilities of Transmission and Channeling Crystals combined, and at the same time, and they can act as a constant connection to "All That Is." These Crystals are a wonderful complement to all on a spiritual path, and are a tremendous tool for those who are experiencing a new "intuitive awareness" allowing their companion to tap into the Divine within, as well as to receive channeled information from sources in other realms. They tend to be strong promoters of wisdom, peace and harmony in one's life, and they are an excellent choice for those wishing to communicate with their "spirit guides." The Transmission capabilities also help to connect their companion's conscious mind to the Universal Soul Mind, and they are also an exceptionally good tool for "broadcasting and sending long-distance healing, love and light.

Please note! The crystal healing information provided here is for guidance only. It is not intended as a substitute for medical advice or service.

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