Set of 3 Rare Lemurian Golden opal lot Madagascar Q78G New Find

$16.15 $19.00

Approx 0.80 - 1.2"

Integration of mental and emotional bodies, recalling Lemurian consciousness, dissolving inner wall and psychological boundaries

Said to be connected to ancient Lemuria, high vibration Lemurian Gold Opal™ enhances your energetic sensitivities and heightens your awareness of vibrational change. This is a powerful stone for enhancing your intuition and linking into knowledge from the far past, when energy and matter were less solidified than they are now. This is an Opal from the time when the soul was ‘lightly clothed in skin’, and as such it brings forward memories of the light that was carried into incarnation in those distant times.

Meditating with the stone assists you to reconnect to your awareness from ancient times and to the multi-dimensional extravaganza that is your soul. Knowing who you are in your entirety enhances your trust in yourself and your universe, calming anxiety about change and reducing stress levels”

Crystal Bible by Judy Hall

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