Starbrary Lemurian Super Rare Rare Dow Temple Heart crystal self standing Q73G

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This measures 74 x 42 x 30mm

This piece is self standing, these points are natural, please check all the pictures before purchasing, there are some small chip or dings.

Starbrary crystals are a rare and completely natural type of Quartz formation, which have been encoded and programmed with ancient and detailed information by people from distant star systems. This is the main difference between a Starbrary and a Lemurian Seed Crystal; Starbrarys having been encoded remotely by civilizations that existed outside of our own solar system, whilst Lemurian crystals were embedded with information by people who inhabited our planet; ‘seeding’ or planting them in a sand bed in Brazil for us to discover some 10,000 years after they left.

Embedded with their ancient and potent knowledge the Starbrarys lie patiently waiting for us to discover and work with them. Only time will tell, but when the people from these star systems feel that we are ready for open contact and have evolved sufficiently from the third dimension of fear, hatred, anger, jealousy and greed, many pieces of the puzzle will start to fall into place and we will receive the answers many spiritual people across the planet have long been searching for. If you find yourself guardian of one of these extraordinary and precious crystals, work with it often, treat it with the utmost respect and learn as much as you can of its secrets and mysteries.

Dow Temple Heart quartz

Temple heart crystals has 3 seven sided faces that alternate with 3 triangular faces, all reaching a perfect termination. Temple heart is a fairly rare formation of quartz. When one of these jewels appear, it is often a sign of impeding transformation and a quantum leap in consciousness and compassion. It has one of the highest frequencies of any clear quartz crystal configuration- an energy frequency that is particularly important in these times. It stimulates the heart chakra and assists one in perceiving and expressing Divine compassion and Love. Its greatest healing comes from its ability to open the heart and assist one in resonating with this Divine Love Energy.

Dow information from The Book of Stones byRobert Simmons
Starbrary information kindly provided courtesy of Jan Haerer copyright © Topaz Spirits

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