Lime Olive color fluorite tower F4X

$14.50 $29.00

These fluorite towers are lime green color

#1 - 6”
#2 - 5 7/8”
#3 - 6 5/8”
#4- 6 3/4”

Green Fluorite

Chakra- Heart

Element- Wind

Key Words- clarity, improved decision making, cleanser

Green Fluorite grounds excess energy and helps to remove trauma of emotions by absorbing negative energies within an environment. It helps to unlock the subconscious mind and encourages the brain to work in harmony so as to solve complex issues.

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So excited. Have never had a green fluorite before and this is beautiful. Well packaged, quick delivery. Will purchase from this shop again.

I LOVE it- the color is exactly the same as it looks on my screen. I have never seen fluorite this color before, it’s really beautiful.

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